Chia matcha pudding


Chia matcha pudding-Xmgreatrise-Matcha


1.Place chia seeds in a bowl. Add in coconut milk, almond milk, maple syrup and vanilla extract. Mix chia seeds using the whisk or the spoon.

2.Add in matcha powder. Mix chia seeds until smooth and not clumped.

3.Leave chia pudding to rest for 15 minutes. Seeds will start to absorb the liquid and expand forming the chia pudding.

4.Mix the chia seeds halfway through.

5.If chia pudding is too dense, add in more liquid (milk). Also, this is a good time to try the chia pudding and add more sweetener if desired.

6.Transfer chia pudding to another bowl, split the servings if you like.

7.Add toppings (optional): I used coconut yogurt. Be creative and add toppings you like.

8.Serve and enjoy!