Ceremonial 3A-1 Grade Matcha

(1) Japanese Flavor Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder.

(2) Organic Transaction Certificate will be issued by CERES GmbH.

(3) Free Sample is available.

Great Rise Matcha Features:

1 100% USDA & EU Certified Organic
2 is 100% green tea leaf
3 Non GMO (not genetically modified)
4 is Vegan & Paleo friendly
5 No Preservatives and Additives
6 Picking local tea on manufacturing to ensure quality and competitive price
7 Organic Transaction Certificate will be issued by NASAA


Q1. What is the difference of cooking grade & ceremonial grade Matcha?

Ceremonial matcha and culinary matcha is essentially the same thing – matcha.

(1)Ceremonial grade matcha is made from the youngest tea leaves with all the stems and veins removed to obtain a very smooth flavour and texture.

(2)Culinary grade matcha is also made from young tea leaves, but they are just a bit older.


Tea sommeliers then blend the matcha to suit their different purposes – culinary or ceremonial – creating the different grades.


Q2. Are you familiar with Amazon FBA inbound shipping requirements?

Yes, we have helped some clients to pack, ship to Amazon USA & UK directly.


Q3. Is the tea grown in a shaded area? Machine harvested or by hand?

Yes, it is shade grown and harvested when leaves are young. Shading time is about 4 weeks before harvest.

As for machine harvested, as far as we know barely hand picked matcha in China or Japan.


Q4. Can we order samples? Do you charge for samples including DHL shipping?

Usually we could offer 20g of each grade matcha for free.

Shipping cost is based on the quantity, please kindly advise how many samples you need.


Q5. What kinds of packing term you offered?

Below is our packing photos, please kindly advise us if there have another packing requirements.

Ceremonial 3A-1 Grade Matcha-Xmgreatrise-Matcha

Production Process:

Ceremonial 3A-1 Grade Matcha-Xmgreatrise-Matcha